Metro CAD Encourage SMEs to Utilise Robot Capabilities with Renting Options Available Soon As New RoboRent Solution Comes to Market

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Metro CAD Encourage SMEs to Utilise Robot Capabilities with Renting Options Available Soon As New RoboRent Solution Comes to Market

There is no doubt that the UK is behind other G7 countries when it comes to adopting robotics into manufacturing operations. In fact, according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) there are around 21,700 industrial robots operating in factories across the UK - an increase of 5% since the last report. However this is still ten times less than shipments in countries such as Germany, Italy and France.  Newly appointed Made in the Midlands member MetroCAD UK hopes to change the landscape of the use of industrial robots throughout the UK with their rental options, making it more affordable for SMEs.

“As far as I know, no one else offers what we are trying to do. We want to make the use of industrial robotics for manufacturers more attainable and effective by offering Robot Welding Cells as service rental options with no ongoing financial commitments. With the MetroCAD team having 30+ years experience in robotics, we are able to offer ongoing support, training and R&D to customers looking at these options,” Chris Needham, Managing Director of Metro CAD, said. 

The ongoing challenges around Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, have encouraged Metro CAD previously to invest in the metrology side of the business to add to the existing simulation and robot programming service. However, their new game-changing solution utilises the company’s long-established automation services toolset to their new robot cell service rental called RoboRent. This is a new solution in the marketplace removing much of the perceived pain and obvious financial constraints for companies that need to consider automation when the only other consideration is a large uplift in skilled labour which has its own issues. Chris added:

“Purchasing robotics can be seen as an expensive commitment however, with businesses having to move at a quicker pace due to unprecedented challenges, the use of them may be more critical now than ever, and RoboRent seeks to answer those challenges. SMEs are able to achieve the highest standards with their product outcomes, both in terms of productivity and quality. Metro CAD will soon be able to offer fully supported robot cells that can be rented by businesses.” 

As the machines can be used in a Research and Development capacity, Chris also mentioned that if automation is viable, customers should be able to reclaim R&D tax credits through experts such as MIM patron Catax.

The robot programming factory automation and laser scanning solutions provider has joined Made in the Midlands to connect with more Midlands manufacturers, build relationships, and support members with their services. In terms of what members can expect from Metro CAD, Chris concluded:

“We are really looking forward to attending the events with fellow members. Members can look forward to our enthusiasm for automation and exploring how we can help them accomplish their goals. We are excited to help manufacturing find more efficient ways of working and help them receive their R&D tax credits.” 

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